Setup Proxmox VE With New User/Password & Permissions

The default root user cannot be renamed or deleted but we can setup Proxmox VE with a new user through CLI or GUI, to add the user through GUI, select the Datacenter–>Users–>Add, and then add the following details:

  • Username: Add new username.
  • Realm: Proxmox VE authentication
  • Password: Add the desired password then re-enter to confirm, and lastly, press the Add button.

Once the user is added then we need to assign some permissions as follows:

  • Select the Datacenter–>Permissions–>User Permission.

Here is an example to add the VM permissions to the New User Profile.

  • Path: Select the root “/” path.
  • User: Select the newly created user.
  • Role: Select PVEVMUser, this provides the new user with basic permissions over the Proxmox VMs.
  • Propagate: Make sure to select the checkbox, and lastly press the Add button.

Once done, log out from the root user and log in with the New User credentials, and also make sure for the realm that Proxmox VE authentication is selected.

Should you mistype or forget the password, here is how to reset the Proxmox VE password.

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