How to Transfer GoDaddy Email to AWS Using Route 53

If you have Purchased a Domain Name or an Email Subscription from Godaddy, But you have hosted your Domain on the AWS EC2, by transferring Your Go Daddy Name Servers, then, in this case, you will also need to transfer your Email settings from your Godaddy Account to Aws Route 53 Service.

So once you have created an email account with Godaddy, Then you will be asked to verify your domain name i.e

And then you will receive a Verification Email from Godaddy in which there is a link that will take you to the Email Settings Page. The Page will have the following setting that you will need to configure in Route53 Service at AWS:

  • CNAME record
  • MX record
  • SRV record
  • TXT record

Entering Godaddy Email Records to Aws Route53 Service

For this, you will need to Login into your AWS account and then search for Route53 service and once you find it click it and this will present you with the following page.

image for | transfer godaddy email to aws route 53.

Now click the Hosted Zones Under DNS management then Select Domain / Visit Details and then click Create Record, and then the following Page will be presented to you.

godaddy transfer email aws route 53 - create record

If you like to visit the orignal post then here is the credit Post:

Credited Post :

Here is the Credited Post.

Now Enter the Record Details as follows :

For CNAME record :

  • For Name, value enter email
  • For Type select CNAME – Canonical Name
  • For Value enter
  • Set TTL to 1m

then Click Create .

For MX record :

  • Click “Create Record Set”
  • For Name value blank
  • For Type select MX – Mail exchange
  • For Value enter 0
  • Hit return and on the next line enter 10
  • Set TTL to 1m

then Click Create.

For SRV record

  • Click “Create Record Set”
  • Leave Name value blank
  • For Type select SRV – Service locator
  • For Value enter 100 1 443
  • Set TTL to 1m

then Click Create

For TXT record

  • Click “Create Record Set”
  • Leave Name value blank
  • For Type select TXT – Text
  • For Value enter “v=spf1 -all –” including the “.
  • Set TTL to 1m

then Click Create

Once you are done entering the required settings then you will need to open the GoDaddy Verification email and then click the previous link to verify the settings. If the setting is correct then you will be verified.

Normally If the TTL is set to 1 m (Minute) then you should be able to verify the ownership within 5 to 15 minutes.

Once verified just open you web browser and type this will open GoDaddy Webmail Interface.

And that’s how you will transfer your email from GoDaddy to AWS. If you need more information regarding GoDaddy Email Transferring then click here:


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