Author: Ali Rehan

Cisco CCNA, CCNP, CCDP, CCIE R&S, Furthermore, The Journey Continues…

Hey, Welcome to my blog, I am Ali Rehan, I have started this blog to document my day to day IT challenges and experiences, I try to write my posts in a manner that they can be reused for later reference, and also I try to make them as easy as possible to read and understand by my audience.

I don’t follow a fixed schedule to write, as soon as I come across a new idea or a technology challenge it intrigues me to write, and honestly, I love it then.

Content Authenticity

All posts are well researched, and all proposed configurations are well tested, but there is always room for improvement, so please do share your experiences and tips.

Professional Expertise

As for my professional experience, I have been working in Network Security, and Deployment for the last 21 years and have earned a few Cisco professional and expert level certifications. Cisco deployments and studying new technologies have always been my all-time love. The security devices such as pfsense, Paloalto, cisco ASA and others have always intrigued my interest and so is the case with network and datacentre deployments which include Docker Containerization, VPN Implementations, Cloud Computing with multiple Cloud Vendors, SDNs, Hypervisors of many sorts, VOIP, Network Automation and many more. All of these technologies have become my second nature, Plus your comments, feedback and projects are always welcome.